Get More Customers with your Wifi.

Share your social media and events to everyone using wifi in your neighborhood with kazu wifi.

How it works


We send a technician to install your KAZU wifi router.


Link your social media, and we automatically send your posts to KAZU users in walking distance.


Customers need WiFI? They connect for free with email or the kazu app.

Wifi Community

kazu is more than a hotspot – it’s a network.

Hosted by businesses in your community, kazu amplifies your social media to reach more than the people that use your wifi: reach everyone walking and shopping in your neighborhood, in real time.

With a better experience: customers connect easily as they walk around and visit you. Keeping them there longer, shopping more.

And we analyze that foot traffic to provide you with valuable insight to grow your business.


Your Ads

See how many KAZU users in your neighborhood are seeing your ads and visiting your business. Learn which ads get the most customers through your door.

Your Customers

Get useful data about your customers. Learn about user demographics and preferences to improve your business.

Your Neighborhood

Learn more about the foot traffic in your neighborhood with analytics on how many people walk in your area and peak traffic patterns.

Our Partners

Our Festival Partners

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